Course Description

WordPress Webdesign is a course for absolute beginners. It takes you on a journey of designing your website and helps you take control of almost all the aspects of your online presence.

Designing a website may seem like a daunting or overcomplicated task with lots of moving parts; however, taking control of your online presence can add immense value to your organisation. Not only will you no longer need to wait on a webdesigner to make changes, but you will also understand the huge variety of tools which are freely available to you and which can provide much added value to the role your website can perform in taking your business to the next level. If you know how to use a keyboard and a mouse, this course is for you. 

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will understand the basics of webdesign using WordPress as well as create your own website. We will be achieving the following outcomes:

Course Setup

This course is an online, self-paced course on the OpenLearning Platform. Instructor responses and feedback will be provided via e-mail or messages within the platform. Google Meet or Zoom classrooms may be organised depending on the cohort. On avergave, the course needs around 6 weeks of part-time study (around 2-3 hours per day). 


In order to acquire this microcredential, you must satisfy all the assessment conditions for each of the provided lessons. These assessments may take a variety of forms including:

  • Answering questions
  • Submitting projects
  • Commenting on other students’ work
  • Making changes based on feedback
  • Participating in online discussions
  • Other relevant tasks

All students will be expected to satisfy all the requirements of this course in order to receive recognition for this microcredential. 

If you are unsure what a microcredential is, you can visit this page

Course Cost

$399 (inc gst)

Note: In order to succeed in this course, students may be required to purchase their own domain and hosting account, in addition to any premium plugins they may require (if any) to achieve the expected results. The cost of these subscriptions is not included in the above price, but is expected to be around $100 per year. 

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