What are Microcredentials?

Microcredentials or Professional Development?

The world is changing at a pace faster than ever before. Logically, education needs to follow suite because its main goal is to prepare people for a job that they will occupy in the future. In addition to that, many people are learning and acquiring skills online more than ever before either out of necessity or out of curiosity. But how do we quantify these non-traditionally acquired skills?

The answer is microcredentials, also known as micro-credentials or nanodegrees. In a way, microcredentials are similar to traditional professional development workshops, however, the main difference between them is that professional development workshops help you become better at what you do or build upon what you already know, while microcredentials help you acquire skills that you don’t already have. For example, while you may do professional development in marketing, you could also obtain microcredentials in data-driven marketing. The professional development will sharpen or upgrade skills you already have in marketing while microcredentials would accredit you for a new skill altogether.

Empowering People to Pivot

The applications of microcredentials are almost endless; however, the main benefit they bring to the table are that they are faster to acquire and more targeted. For example, let’s say that you have an interest in webdesign, but your education has nothing to do with it. At the same time, you find an interesting vacancy in webdesign. Instead of having to go back to university to study at least 3 years in order to become a qualified webdesigner, you can find a webdesign microcredential and study that. It would only take you a few months to complete, but it gives you a skill that is in demand.

Microcredentials are disrupting the education and labour markets on many levels, especially after the ocvid-19 pandemic which swept the world. During that time, people had to adapt and learn things more quickly than ever before. Many also discovered that the industries they made a living from remained archaic, and a change needed to be done. While exploring change opportunities, many people began to understand how much microcredentials can help them pivot into new industries. They also realized that a microcredential course that may take them a few weeks to complete was what was separating them from their financial and career objectives.

Disrupting Education and Employment

Not only are microcredentials useful on a personal level, they are also useful on the educational level as more and more universities have begun to accept them as parts of other courses. So, if you’ve obtained a group of microcredentials which are related to the same formal qualifications, many progressive universities have put procedures in place to recognize microcredentials as parts of the qualifications they offer. Instead of having to study the full qualification, you will only need to cover the gaps, probably with other microcredentials, in order to get your certificate.

Nowadays, by the time students finish their university degrees, more than half of what they have been learning had become obsolete. Microcredentials are the way to keep education relevant and up-to-date with the times. In addition to this, obtaining a microcredential is financially much more viable than pursuing a degree, especially that most people find themselves practicing only a small part of what they had actually studied for.

To conclude, microcredentials are the future of education and employment. The world has changed, and so should we. Take the plunge and explore the microcredentials offered by Phoenix Microcredentials.