Reshape your existing skills to become more in line with the market trends
Reskill yourself and every member of your business to continually improve
Rise like the legendary phoenix and keep on rising

About Us

In a fast changing world where traditional education is no longer enough for anyone to keep up with the job market, Phoenix Microcredentials strives to keep you ahead of the curve. With our well designed and constantly updated course content, highly influential trainers, and high-tech delivery methods, we help you reshape your existing skills to become more in line with the market trends. We also help you reskill yourself and every member of your business so that together we can rise like the legendary phoenix and keep on rising.

What You're Getting

Simple, Practical, and Highly Sought After Courses

At Phoenix Microcredentials, we create courses based on studies of the current market trends to determine the needs of the future job market. Then, with our combined experience of over fifty years in education across the board, we create course content which is not only rich, but also simple and easy to handle by every learning style.

Qualified and Inspirational Trainers

At Phoenix Microcredentials, we don’t stop only at creating high quality course content, but we are also always on the lookout for inspirational trainers to ensure that you will be inspired to learn and evolve.

Various Modes of Study

Each person has his learning style and learning preferences. That’s why Phoenix Microcredentials makes sure that every course we design and deliver can be approached by learners from multiple angles. Whether you prefer a classroom approach or an online self-paced model, we strive to have something just for you.

Strong Compliance

With more than thirty years in the educational compliance industry, Phoenix Microcredentials strives to deliver qualifications which perfectly align with a variety of vocational and/or higher educational goals, so you can take your learning to the next level with ease.

Regularly Updated

Every day, we have something new either discovered or invented, and with technology growing exponentially, education needs to keep up the pace. That’s why Phoenix Microcredential liaises with various industry leaders and experts in their respective fields in order to arm students with the skills that will serve them for the next few years as well as with the attitude of continuous improvement so that they can adapt and rise.

Our Courses


WordPress Webdesign

Become the manager of your own WordPress website and take control of your design, content, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and everything else related to your website in this simple and beginner-friendly, coding-free, course.